Sunday, 5 August 2012

Maceys Match

A great day - lovely weather and some cracking sport. Maceys is a small commie at the end of Gigg Lane in Bury and has been a favourite fishery of mine for many years.
After many rock hard fund raising matches - todays event was meant to be something of a depart from our usual hard fayre on natural venues and canals.
The highest individual match weight so far this year was only 7lb and we were confident that this barrier would be smashed today.

Heres the full result

1. Paul Smith  29lb8oz
2. Bob Morris  7lb
3. Duncan Mottershead 6lb4ox
4. Ian Goodwin 6lb
5. Mike Duddy 3lb12oz
6. Ray   3lb4oz
7. Julia Mottershead 2lb4oz
8. Jordan 1lb
9. Eric Owen 1lb

Well done to Paul Smith, who had a great net of carp and chub taken on method feeder and pellet waggler from peg 2 - fished tight up to the far bank
Everyone else struggled to find the carp, but some good bags of silver fish were shared out.
Many thanks to everyone who turned up.

Well done Jordan - first three hours without a fish - then a good run later on in the match

Next Saturday the  11th August - were holding a roach/pike fish in on the Old River in Irlam - turn up at any time you like, find yourself a peg and fish! Nothing more than a social - the pubs on the riverbank and it sells nice food too.

Next Wednesday the 15th August - club meeting at the Kings Arms Salford. 7.30pm

Sunday the 19th August - match - Old River Irlam - usual format. 9am draw.

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