Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Anti Cormorant Cages For The Old River

Over the last few months, the Old River has been plagued by cormorants munching down on our newly stocked fish.

So as were not allowed to shoot them, or trap them, the only thing we can do is create fish refuges - to enable our fish stocks to hide from the black death.

(if your not a fisherman - please don't think us anglers don't like water birds - WE DO ! we love to see the herons, grebes, kingfishers etc which are natural predators on our waterways - we are just the first people who suffer from the new version of the black death - the invasion of sea birds which can eat up to 3lbs of fish per day- and wipe out whole fish populations - which in turn sustain the kingfishers, herons grebes etc. Once the fish have been wiped out from a lake, a lot of water birds also move on).

So - if we allow cormorants free reign on our lakes and rivers - we might as well pack it all in and take up knitting.

The only solution open to us it to construct fish protection refuges - in which our fish stocks can swim into in order to escape the unwelcome attentions of this alien predator.

16 people attended our work party today, and in 2 hours we constructed 5 fish refuges which we hope will help to effectively shelter our silver fish populations from cormorant predation.

With alot of help from our local environment agency officers - and using sheep/stock fencing and silage netting - we created our refuges and placed them at the Boathouse pub end of the Old River in mid channel between pegs.

 We also took the opportunity to put up the first of our new club signs - in addition to this blue sign, we also have put up a new wooden notice board at the Boathouse end of the Old River, so that we can keep people up to date with match dates, work partys and other events.

In the near future (9th April) we are going to hold another work party where we will cover these fish refuges with floating islands - to act as further habitat improvement for our fish stocks and also to act as markers where the cormorant cages are located.
At present, the location of the fish refuges is given away by small red and white marker floats.

The 5 refuges we created this morning - are only the start of the project.
We anticipate creating up to 25 refuges and floating islands along the entire length of the Old River.
Which will be a massive habitat improvement - resulting in better fishing over the coming years.

If you can lend a hand - your more than welcome to join us on the 9th April.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Few Hours On The OId River

Not fishing - unfortunately - but many thanks to Phil Clayton and John Polding who gave me a hand this morning rebuilding 7 more pegs, ripping out rotten timbers and replacing them with new.
I'm really pleased with the results - not bad at all for 3 duffers.

It was also good to see no cormorants and 4 people fishing.

Once I got back to base, I took Diddy Duddy for a stroll round Drinkwater Park, Waterdale and Kingfisher.
No one fishing on Drinkies, but 3 groups of kids on Waterdale and Kingfisher all catching roach and perch on light waggler gear. Fantastic to see, and exactly why Salford Friendly don't charge for membership and encourage people to fish.
I'm looking forwards to seeing kids get similar rewards on the Old River, but I think that's still some way off yet. Lets see how it fishes once summer arrives.

I'll post up some pics of our handiwork with the tools later.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Carters Treasure Map

If you're from out of town - here's all you need to know about fishing in Salford

Tight lines and wet lips