Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Few Hours On The OId River

Not fishing - unfortunately - but many thanks to Phil Clayton and John Polding who gave me a hand this morning rebuilding 7 more pegs, ripping out rotten timbers and replacing them with new.
I'm really pleased with the results - not bad at all for 3 duffers.

It was also good to see no cormorants and 4 people fishing.

Once I got back to base, I took Diddy Duddy for a stroll round Drinkwater Park, Waterdale and Kingfisher.
No one fishing on Drinkies, but 3 groups of kids on Waterdale and Kingfisher all catching roach and perch on light waggler gear. Fantastic to see, and exactly why Salford Friendly don't charge for membership and encourage people to fish.
I'm looking forwards to seeing kids get similar rewards on the Old River, but I think that's still some way off yet. Lets see how it fishes once summer arrives.

I'll post up some pics of our handiwork with the tools later.

1 comment:

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