Monday, 15 October 2012

Irwell clean-up in the pipeline for Radcliffe

A £7.5 million scheme to improve the River Irwell has started in Radcliffe.

United Utilities is upgrading sewers in the town to help prevent pollution overflowing into the river following heavy rainfall.

Work began in April and engineers are currently constructing a new underground sewer overflow chamber at Harper Fold Road in land next to Cams Lane Primary School.
A second new overflow chamber is being constructed underground in Stand Lane Car Park and a new sewer pipe will be laid into the River Irwell.
This is the first stage of a four year programme of sewer improvements around the town. United Utilities are spending £3.6bn between 2010 and 2015 in their capital phase called AMP5.

Salford Friendly Anglers have been asked by United Utilities to compile a list of  any pipes/overflows etc which we consider to have a negative effect on the river so that they can be taken into consideration for the AMP6 period 2016 - 2020. Please contact us at give us the location of your least favourite Irwell grot spot.

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