Sunday, 25 November 2012

Old River Knock Up

A last minute decision to hold a match on the Old River turned out to be a good one !

12 Anglers turned up to fish in near horizontal rain and a howling gail - talk about dedicated (or daft).
We nearly had to call the match off as so many of the fishing platforms were underwater - but we managed to get everyone a peg - even though we had one angler on the opposite bank.

To kick things off, someone had a 4lb pike (which dont count in our matches), and most anglers found that they were immediately into a good number of bites despite the dreadfull weather and heavy chop.

The recently stocked skimmers didnt make an appearance - but Paul Smith had two lovely perch of a pound and a half each.
All catches were dominated by large numbers of small roach, mostly coming to bread punch or pinkie tactics. Some of the braver anglers who tried caster found a larger stamp of fish, but a much lower volume.

Congratulations to Paul Smith

1st. P Smith      5lb 5oz
2nd Conrad       4lb 10oz
3rd Pete Hartford 4lb 1oz
4th Gary O       2lb 12oz
5th Geoff         2lb 4oz
6th Karl Tucker 1lb 15oz
7th Phil Clayton 1lb
8th Josh L        1lb
Others ...... less then 1lb
Only 1 dry net!

A very enjoyable day - especially once the weather picked up around lunchtime.
We will be having another match on Sunday 16th Dec
Draw 9am
£5 all in.

Your welcome to join us.


  1. nice to see an improvement in weights,considering the weather,bodes well for the future. well done to all who braved it

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