Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Irwell Salmon - Still A Long Way From Reality

I woke up this morning to watch a news story on Breakfast TV about a proposed £90million sewage upgrade in Salford - and how United Ultilities were proud to be improving water quality in the Lower Irwell and Manchester Ship Canal to such a level that it would enable species such as bream to re-colonise the water ways......
Blood pressure rose considerably - FFS there have been bream in the Lower Irwell and MSC since the early 1990s despite the best efforts of United Utilities to wipe them out via regular sewage leaks into the river.
 So....... outraged of North Manchester fired off an email to BBC news ......... see below

Have just seen your piece about how United Utilities are going to clean up the
Manchester Ship Canal to such a high standard as to allow species of fish such
as bream to survive in the water.
I nearly choked on my breakfast.
Did United Utilities pay you to broadcast such outrageous disinformation

For your information - species of coarse fish such as roach, bream, pike, perch,
tench, carp, gudgeon, sticklebacks, minnows etc have been thriving in the
Manchester Ship Canal for the last 20 years - DESPITE the best efforts of United
Utilities to wipe them out through the regular discharges of untreated waste
from their so called "Water Treatment Works" and the 106 combined sewage
(untreated) outfalls on the 19 miles of the River Irwell between Manchester and

United Utilities are THE biggest polluter of waterbodies in the North West of
England - and its a smack in the face to all ecologists, anglers and lovers of
wildlife throughout the region to allow them airtime to boast about  future,
uncompleted project which is no more than their statutory obligation to

Why didnt your reporter use the opportunity to ask why migratory fish such as
Salmon, Sea Trout and Eels are unable to access the River Irwell and be seen in
Salford and Manchester City Centre - even though Salmon have returned to the
lower Mersey system???
The last Salmon caught in a Manchester River was 1856 - we could have them
return tomorrow if fish passes were fitted on the Manchester Ship Canal.

The MSC is now clean enough to support migrating salmon - so why are United
Utilities allowed to come on tv and boast about returning bream (which can live
in quite polluted water).

Angling is the UKs largest participation sport in the UK - and is ignored by the
Salford Friendly Anglers are the worlds oldest angling club - based in Salford
since 1817 - have nearly 1000 members - and is ignored by the BBC

2.3 angling rod licences were sold in the UK last year - meaning that 1 in 20
people go fishing. There are alot of people in the North West with a very good
idea of the state of pollution in our waterways - and will not be pleased with
the air time you have given UU.

Isnt the BBC meant to be unbiased ???
Hows about a program or a piece showing pollution United Utilities tips in our
river 24 hours a day !

see the photo on this link for a very good example.

Mike Duddy

About 20 minutes later i got invited to Media City to give my side of the story - which can be seen here
However - I got chopped and edited so much that despite getting my point across about the potential for the return of Salmon the Irwell system - the BBC /. United Utilities love in unsurprisingly never got a mention.
There is no evidence that i have yet to see that shows United Utilities doing anything other than the bare minimum for our North Manchester waterways.


  1. again mike,

    hats off to you mate, i live on the banks of the mersey and the estury is alive with all types of fish eating birdlife. i also spoke to a salmon angler on the Dee and he said the salmon they track regualar go up the mersey and then run the dee so they certainly are there waiting to run the smaller waterways

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