Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Drinkwater Park Project Part 4

This morning, the Environment Agency very kindly made two short sweeps of one of their nets through Kingfisher Lake and scooped out 10,000!!!! small roach.

A quick ride in the back of a tank and they now reside in Drinkwater Park Lake.
Please dont think that Kingfisher is now devoid of fish, we hardly touched the huge numbers of Silvers in there. This lake is rammed with roach and rudd and we have been told that cropping the fish every two or three years will improve the quality of fishing rather than harming it. Of the thousands of fish netted, very very few were larger than 3 oz - so it appears as though theres not enough food in the lake to support such large numbers of fish.
Next part of the plan is this coming Sunday morning the 4th March - when we will again be raking out weed and clearing patches in the sedge to create clear pegs. Many hands make light work - so if you can join us you will be very welcome.

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  1. A great day in good company and things are really moving forward with drinkies thanks to Salford friendly anglers. It was a pleasure again to be involved and I just hope I have the same enthusiasm, half the knowledge and fitness that Albert Morris has when I am his age a true gent and legend. Huge thanks and appreciation should also go out to the EA lads involved. Not only good at their job but a cracking bunch and a laugh too. Great day!