Saturday, 17 March 2012

Manuring The Lake

Just the two of this morning - Paul and myself to fill 40 sacks with well rotted horse manure and place them into Drinkwater Park lake.
The theory behind this is to create a small algal bloom to create more food for fish fry in what is normally a gin clear lake.

As Paul often spouts it - I let him shovel it today - whilst i had the delightful job of holding the sacks open. Highlight of my morning was watching Paul wade through a pool of slurry and seeing it go over the top of his boots - poor lad. His face was a picture.

My friend Keith very kindly let us use his trailer to transport our smelly load. Paul - ever the scientist carefully placed his sacks of well thought out locations around the lake. I was fed up and wanted to go fishing so took a more direct approach.

Anyway - Drinkies has started to fish well, with anglers catching roach, tench and perch - and with water temperatures slowly rising things can only get better.

The swims we cleared last week are looking good, and the next big job down here this summer will be the construction of fishing squares/pegs on the grassy banks. This work is likely to be done by a community payback team - so  it looks as though the bulk of our work is nearly finished here.

We finished the day off having a crafty practice on the Rochdale Canal at Slattocks where we are going to hold a couple of fund raising matches later this Spring (if you would like details of these matches please contact ).
It was  cracking couple of hours fishing into the dusk - I had three decent skimmers on my first three put ins, and carried on catching well. Paul also had  a good net of skimmers with some great roach - bodes well for the matches.

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