Sunday, 15 April 2012

Drinkies Match Result

We held the second of our series of Spring matches this Sunday on the main lake at Drinkwater Park. Twelve anglers turned up to fish, with a couple more coming along to watch the event and say hello.

As is usual for any Salford Friendly match - there was an overnight frost which  we blame for the slow start, middle and finish.

The match was won by Ian (venue expert) Goodwin who nabbed this magnificent 5lb 1oz bream on his first cast. Ian then went on to sit biteless for nearly 5 hours - which was the same fate as a good number of those gracing the banks today. Ians had a good run of fish over the last 7 days on Drinkwater Park and I'll make a special blog post on his captures (which include 5 fish for a total weight of 24lbs during one session) later on in the week.

By the halfway stage of todays match, the chairman had got his pole out (a tactic he had been previously loudly telling everyone didn't work on drinkies) and nabbed a tiny tiny roach on his first cast, putting him firmly into second spot with about 3 drams - but he got his comeuppance for his lies and treachery when Adam Mack and Mike Clare hit into a few silvers in the last half hour to add some respectability to proceedings.

So the full result:
1st Ian Goodwin     5lb1oz
2nd Adam Mack         4oz
3rd Mike Clare           2oz
The Chairman              3 drams

Well done to young Kyle Wilson - the only junior at todays match - who stuck it out to the bitter end and put up with our terrible jokes.
Comiserations to Paul Carr - who hooked into a big lump of a carp - estimated to be a very good double - which busted him in the weeds.

We raised another £83 towards the restocking fund today - many thanks to those who took part and to those who gave us a donation.

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