Friday, 20 April 2012

Drinkies On Fire

Drinkwater Park Lake is on fire at the moment. In the last 14 days (with the fishing match we held being the exception to the rule) its thrown up some amazing fish for two of our Societies specimen hunters.

The run of form was kicked off by Ian Goodwin who took this lovely 16lb pike.

Which he then followed up with a string of tench and bream to 6lbs.

This evening, I decided to join Ian and Paul for a couple of hours and fish til dusk. I set up with simple float gear, using sweetcorn as bait - I didnt get a touch.
As i was packing up in the gloom, Paul launched his bait into my swim - and bagged this cracking 21lb8oz Mirror Carp. As it was my swim i think we should call it 50/50 so we'll call it 10lb12oz each :))))

Only Joking - congratulations Paul on a cracking fish.


  1. Wow! all fantastic fish that would grace any top venue around the country. Well done Ian and Paul - it's not the gear but how you use it.

  2. Ian are you implying I use crap sellotaped together gear LOL!