Saturday, 12 May 2012

Old River Match Result 12th May

1. 2lb 8oz Paul Smith
2. 2lb 1oz Pete Harford
3. 1lb 14oz Bob Morris
4. 1lb 1oz Ben G
5. 14oz Chris Edwards
6. 12oz Mike Duddy
7. 8oz Gaz O'Mara
8. 1oz Adam Mack
9. 1oz Phil C
10.1oz Luke M
11.DNW Martin E
12.DNW Brian D
13.DNW Paul W

Low weights - but high numbers of little roach making up the catches. Paul Smith took the ££££ with about 60 little roach for 2lb8oz on punch bread.
2nd & 3rd were venue old hands Pete and Bob. All of the top 3 were pegged down behind the pub and caught on punch.

After last years matches when no one broke the 2lb barrier - it seems as though the tiny roach are putting on a bit of weight.

We raised another £60 today towards the restocking fund.
Our next match is on the Rochdale Canal at Slattocks on Sunday the 27th May. Your welcome to join us, for what is slowly becoming a very friendly series of matches.

Thanks to everyone who took part - at long last the weather was kind to us and the fish were biting. Only a couple of DNWs on a venue that is slowly improving after a catastrophic pollution event back in 2008.

For anyone whos interested in pike fishing, then get down to the old river, the place is alive with them. I think we'll hold a couple of pike matches this winter on here.

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