Sunday, 27 May 2012

Match Result - Rochdale Canal 27th May

1st Paul Smith                          4lb 8oz
2nd Ben Gresswell                    1lb 9oz
3rd Paul (Stretch)                           6oz
3rd Mike Duddy                              6oz
5th Duncan Mottershead                 4oz
5th Ian Goddin                                4oz
7th Paul Carr                                  2oz
7th Adam Mack                              2oz
9th Paul                                 Dry Net

An odd match - two weights from the 2 end pegs - (breadpunch) bites hard to come by for anyone after 11am and virtually nothing caught after noon.

We were expecting a better result than recent matches on the Rochie - but the bright sunshine and spawning bream put paid to the double figure weights we think are possible from this stretch of canal.

Our next matches will be as follows

10th June - Duchy Lagoons Salford
24th June - Kingfisher Lake (max 12 pegs)
8th July -  Blundells (TBC)
22nd July - Sainsburys Pond,Blackely (TBC) max 14 pegs

5th August - Old River, Irlam
19th August - RIVER IRWELL (either agecroft or city centre - we'll make a decision once the river season reopens and we can see which stretch has best form)

Thanks for everyones support - the re-stocking fund currently stands at £575

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